(GN014) Shark Bone Back And Bones Remedy 鲨鱼骨杜仲关节茶

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This herbal soup expels pathogenic wind and dampness, relieving pain from rheumatism and bi-syndrome, dredging meridians.

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Carcharhinus latistomus,Achyranthes bidentata,Eucommia ulmoides,Millettia speciosa champ,Red date .

Preparations :

Prepare 500g to 800g of chicken meat(whole chicken or bone in thigh/drumstick) and blanch them.Rinse all the herbs and soak them in 1L to 1.5L of water.Add chicken into the pot and bring the soup into a boil before simmering for 2-3hours.To serve,add salt to taste.


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