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San Teck Soon Fish Maw With Codonopsis Soup

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Fish maw and codonopsis soup helps to tonify "yin & qi" and beautify the skin. As fish maws are high in collagen ,this nourishing soup can help skin cells to renew and repair .It also helps to strengthen bone joints and boost metabolism.
Weight: 0.11 kgs
Dried scallops Dried fish maw Chinese yam Cordyceps militaris Wolfberry Longan
Soak Fish maw in water for 2 hours or more till they are soften . Use 500g-800g of meat.Boil the meat for 1-2 minutes , rinse all herbs and add in 1.5-2.0 Litres of water (subject to condition ) .Bring into boil and turn into low fire for 2 hours , add salt and serve.
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